Testimonials for Pettis Financial

"Lyla has the most current investment knowledge and puts in the time and effort to share it with her clients. I'm not sure if it is because she has more up-to-date knowledge, or because puts more research and thought behind her practice, but her advice is always more accurate and personalized that what I have received from the bank or other investment advisers."
"Lyla is always available for information, reassurance, or education, even if outside the scope of the funds that you own. You will find that she thoughtfully replies to emails or, if visiting her in person, prepares extensively for your meeting. She is a pleasure to work with, and treats each account as if it was her largest and always has time for your questions."
"Despite this time of volatile markets, my investments have performed successfully. She has helped me through times when others were withdrawing their investments and suffering losses, enabling me to gain in the long-term."
- Shannon, Edmonton, Alberta
"I am very satisfied with the financial work I have been doing with Lyla. I trust her and am lucky to have her as my financial advisor."
- Ruth M, Nanaimo
"Lyla has been looking after my finances for several years. I am not good at understanding money matters and am so grateful to have Lyla teaching me, advising me and just generally being my $ guardian angel – steering my investments in the right direction. She’s a lovely lady too."
- Jonni Anderson, Hornby Island, B.C.
"I first met Lyla after a very small investment I had was “transferred” to her from another company. Lyla made the initial contact and stayed in contact. Over the last several years, I have invested more with her and always feel secure in knowing that Lyla is "taking care" of my investments. She listens to concerns, takes the time to research answers to questions and always responds in a timely fashion."
- Jennifer, Vancouver Island, BC
"Al from the Fraser Valley loves the friendly, personalized service he receives at Pettis Financial."
"I am very comfortable with Lyla handling my investments and have recommended her to many. I believe she has my best interests at heart when handling my portfolio."
- Isabella, Vancouver Island, BC
"Lyla gave us clear explanations, unbiased advice and great customer service when we purchased insurance through her in 2011."
- S. Fraser, Courtenay, B.C.
"I have found Lyla Pettis to be very conscientious and efficient in handling my portfolio. She always has my best interest in mind. I’m extremely happy with her services and highly recommend her to anyone who wants help with their finances."
- A very happy customer, Anna Fentie, Comox, Vancouver Island, BC